‘Road from Nowhere’ to Remain in Reston’s Master Plan

by Fatimah Waseem August 2, 2018 at 11:30 am 35 Comments

The “road from nowhere” is a household term among Restonians who are abreast of the day-to-day happenings in local development and land use. The conceptual road, which runs from the Isaac Newton Square property to American Dream Way, cuts straight through an open space resource that local grassroots groups are trying to protect from development: Hidden Creek Country Club.

There are no plans on the books to build the road. But the presence of the line in Reston’s Comprehensive Plan has some scratching there heads: Where did this road come from? And what does it mean for the golf course?

County officials say the road is entirely conceptual in nature, but could possibly be needed to improve connectivity if planned redevelopment happens in the Isaac Newtown Square area. The road could also relieve congestion at the intersection of Sunset Hills Road and Wiehle Avenue by serving as an alternative route to Sunset Hills Road, according to Robin Geiger of the Fairfax County Department of Transportation.

Geiger stressed the road has not been designed and if it is — whether through private development or through a public project — the community will have multiple opportunities to provide their feedback. The county will also work through the potential impacts to the golf course or environmentally-sensitive land in the area.

No development applications have been submitted for the Isaac Newton property to date. In May 2016, however, an application to develop a nearby three-acre site at 11480 Sunset Hills Road into an apartment building was indefinitely deferred.

But grassroots groups like Rescue Reston, which actively led efforts to stop the redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course and pledge to do the same for Hidden Creek Country Club, want the planned road connection removed from the comprehensive plan’s map. Its presence suggests the disruption of the golf course, which is one of two in Reston that the plan intends to protect.

In February, then-Reston Association CEO Cate Fulkerson requested that the county remove the line from the Reston Master Plan. Similar requests from community members surfaced again in recent workgroup sessions with county officials this month.

But county staff have remained reluctant to remove the road, noting that the conceptual road shows the intention of connecting the grid of streets with American Dream Way.

As with any new roadway design, the county will work to minimize negative impacts on existing uses and the environment. In staff’s view, the planned road being shown as part of the conceptual street network does not negatively affect the viability of the Hidden Creek Golf Course,” Geiger said.

Despite assurances, some concerns remain, especially as Wheelock Communities engages with community stakeholders to determine the future of the golf course. No redevelopment plans have been formally proposed yet.

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  • FLEABttn

    Redevelop both golf courses into high density housing and businesses.

    • 30yearsinreston


      • FLEABttn

        No, I want it here.

        • Mary

          That is not what Reston was designed to be. please move to Tysons or arlington.

          • FLEABttn

            No, I think I’m good staying here and Reston changing.

          • Mary

            You are like the people who want to live in the country. When they get there they don’t like the sounds of the animals, the smells etc and want to change it. Move to where it is the way you like it. Why change it to fit you. We like it here and don’t want it to change. There are plenty of other places to live that have the density you like. The master plan was made for a reason, that is why we moved here.

  • 30yearsinreston

    This should be a call to action for Hudgins recall
    Wake up Reston

    • Mary

      Someone needs to run against her or she will get reelected by default

    • James


      • The crafty (hairy) 1


  • cRAzy

    “The community will have multiple opportunities to provide their feedback.” It already has and the county continues to ignore that feedback.

    Take the “road from nowhere” OUT of the Reston plan–NOW!

    • 30yearsinreston

      Take Hudgins out of Reston and you may have a chance

      • Mary

        Someone needs to run against her! No one ran against her in the last election. I refused to vote for her and as a write in wrote “anyone else”!

      • James


        • Just sane

          Not to sound like a party pooper, but I wondered if you are aware of the
          present spiritual situation in the world? Apparently the fallen angels
          are hell-bent to mesmerize and destroy this last generation of liberals
          before the Army of God finally banishes them (the demons) from the
          earth. There is so much Satanic influence in real estate planning, development, construction
          and other dealings these days which is purposely designed to warp the minds
          of yuppies so that they can be brainwashed into consumerism, which is the
          precursor to abandoning the conscience, which then opens the door to
          horrifying population growth, anarchy, suicides and mass killings. Have you noticed the
          steady upswing of drug abuse, violence and crimes committed by yuppie libs in the
          news recently?
          I have personally received numerous directives from Angelic beings in
          the past several years, including being ordered to abandon the nextgen revolution I was a part of and to apply my innate abilities as a light
          worker to the cause of saving this lost generation of young liberals. While I’ve
          never been religious, I have experienced numerous Angelic visitations
          and have witnessed their miraculous results in the beneficial
          improvements in the lives of those I was sent by the Angels to help.
          The reason i mention all this is because, despite having being a political
          genius in her time, ol’ Hudgins was in cahoots with the Devil and
          consequently inspired her listeners to wallow in the licentious subject
          matter of diatribal knowledge and identify politics. Hudgins NEVER ONCE mentioned work-live-play in her gospel, nor
          did she point the younger generation to the truth of the Saint Robert. In fact Hudgin’s political death came early, as did Captain Hillarys’ (by a lock of hair), and I’m
          certain that neither one was at peace before departing this world (read Ken Plum’s final blog entry before his spiritual death: not a serene ending).
          I wonder if any of this resonates with you? As an activitist, I’m sure you
          desire the very best for your community, and I just wanted to make you aware
          of the extremely subtle and insidious craftiness of the Evil One. He can
          use the influence of the BOS to “infect” the minds of today’s
          yuppies and their seemingly unlimited spending power. I pray that you reconsider the influence you have on your community
          and their collective interest and ask for Heavenly guidance to reverse any
          negative karma you may have accrued. I know for myself, I have been
          guided by Angels to undo a multitude of stupidities from my past
          actions, and I can tell you it sure feels good to walk with a clean
          conscience and a strong spirit. Despite my advanced age, I am joyful and
          lighthearted daily, thanks to the guidance I’ve received. And I KNOW
          that when I pass from this world to the next, I won’t leave behind an
          evil mess as others have done for the sake of boring architecture and a few dollars of real estate commission. I hope
          for your own sake that you also achieve this “blessed assurance”.
          Cheers, bro!

  • Generic User

    Why don’t we just pave over all green space in Reston and then there would be no congestion anymore since everything is a road.

    • solid stripe

      pavement and cats don’t mix well, dont you wish you had a ______ ?

      • Why do you bother?

        Outdoors and cats don’t mix, so….

        • w-o-o-n-f-e-r

          and the correct answer is !

  • JoeInReston

    This demonstrates the level of contempt Fairfax County BOS and planners have for Reston. How can one not come away with the impression that their sole overriding goal is to develop every piece of undeveloped land in Reston?

    • John F Greer

      Why don’t someone reduce the Rest on movie theater, and make a new theater complex bigger and add more theaters to the movie complex with leather recliners, add beer, wine, and mix drinks, bigger movie screens, under ground no pay parking garages,cand bigger enschede that should serve unsweetened ic teas, and regular ice teas, and hot ice teas with lemonade, like 16 to 24 theaters. The theaterscnow are too small and needs to upgr
      ade these Reshon TownCenter movie theaters. Thanks, [email protected]

      • ah

        Nah. People just need to stop moving here. It was perfect before the overpopulation.

        • D.B.Anderson

          I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people mention overpopulation, but residents aren’t the cause of increased traffic. It’s all the businesses and commuters. I have no opinion on Hidden Creek one way or the other — (and I have never met anyone who’s a member) — but we have a Metro station now, so life as it used be in the 90s is never coming back.

  • Greendayer

    The picture shows the road cutting across two fairways. I have to disagree with the County’s assessment that this would not disrupt the golf course. Do they think everyone is stupid?

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    Just shared remarks from the 7/26/2018 meeting of the RA Board during member comments with Supervisors Hudgins, Bulova and Gross. The topic was an update on Hidden Creek Country Club. Read it here:

  • Greg

    Paging the editor: “scratching there heads…”

    • Why do you bother?

      You beat me to it.

    • Mike M

      Better than “scratching there.”

  • Greg

    Is American Dream Way a public or private road?

    • 30yearsinreston

      There is gate there

  • Alf

    The county previously told us that it wants to extend Soapstone over the toll road, at a cost of almost 200 million, to connect to this “road to nowhere” to “relieve congestion” at Soapstone and Sunrise Valley.” Now they got a different story, to relieve congestion at Wiehle and Sunset, They don’t tell you that some of the new traffic will cause other intersections to fail. What a shell game! The county needs to stop letting developers build to maximum density.

  • Mike M

    Meanwhile, Ken Plum puffed his diversity pipe while Sharon and Cathy sang “workforce” songs. 😉


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