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Second Democrat Joins Race for Hunter Mill District Supervisor’s Seat

by Catherine Douglas Moran January 10, 2019 at 10:15 am 19 Comments

Shyamali Hauth is joining the race to unseat Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.

Hauth, a United States Air Force veteran and community advocate, announced her candidacy last night (Jan. 9) at the Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee meeting.

Hauth is focused on construction practices, budgets, security and education systems, according to her website. She wants to tackle transportation issues and affordable housing with SMART housing solutions.

“Our local government is where the rubber meets the road,” Hauth said in the press release. “This is where we make change that affects each of us on a daily basis. I want Fairfax County, and specifically the Hunter Mill District, to be the leading edge of a progressive vision of community.”

Other major issues she wants to address include:

  • public education
  • environmental issues
  • securing funding for social services
  • developing public-private partnerships that help businesses
  • keeping a low unemployment rate

She lives in Reston with her husband, who is also an Air Force veteran. Two of their four children attended Fairfax County public schools, according to her bio.

She has worked with Rescue Reston to preserve the Reston National Golf Course from development. She founded her own group called Hear Our Voice-Reston (HOV-R) where she led 70 people who worked to elect progressive candidates in Virginia in 2017. The group then joined up with Herndon Reston Indivisible, her bio says.

She also works with the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Virginia as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. The Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee awarded her the Ed Herlihy Activist Award for 2018.

Currently, she chairs the Fairfax County Democratic Committee’s Veterans and Military Families Committee, according to her LinkedIn profile. She is also an independent business owner of Mahari Yoga, a veteran-owned business that offers yoga therapy in Northern Virginia, and self-employed as a Celtic harp instructor, professional speaker, according to LinkedIn.

She studied psychology and management at Saint Leo University in Florida. After receiving her Masters of Science in human resource management from Troy State University in Alabama, she joined the Air Force.

Hauth plans to host a listening session for Reston residents next Thursday (Jan. 17) night.

Another Democrat, Parker Messick, announced his campaign for the seat in December. Messick is running on a platform to “stop big development.”

Hudgins, who is nearing the end of her fifth term, was first elected to the board in 1999. The election for the county’s Board of Supervisors will take place on Nov. 5.

Photo via Shyamali Hauth for Board of Supervisors/Facebook

  • 30yearsinreston

    More competition for Hudgins
    Hopefully her term will end before she can do more damage
    In this case, her inaction is good

  • Drip

    Based on her work with Rescue Reston and that group’s strong and vocal support for the Tetra (Lakehouse) deal, I’m reticent to trust her judgment when it comes to development and fiscal responsibility. I know Tetra was several years ago, but it continues to be an unnecessary albatross on the RA budget.

    • 30yearsinreston

      turn it into a dog park!
      It will pay for itself

      • Mike M


    • JoeInReston

      All the article said was that she has worked with Rescue Reston to preserve the Reston National Golf Course from development. It didn’t state whether she was a member of Rescue Reston or whether she agreed with their Tetra endorsement.

  • Rick

    “community advocate”

  • Mike M

    “securing funding for social services” – Ka-ching!$
    “developing public-private partnerships that help businesses” – Ka-ching!$
    “keeping a low unemployment rate” – Ka-ching!$

    What’s new. Looks like she’s building smoke screen behind which she can hold us down while the developers have their way with us. Sound familiar?

    • Greg

      Don’t forget “…progressive vision…”

      • Mike M

        LOL! Oy!

  • JoeInReston

    Looking at her website, Shyamali will likely advocate policies similar to the status quo. She has broken down the issues into six areas and none of them address Reston’s big concerns:
    – Cap on unlimited population growth.
    – Funding to ensure infrastructure keeps up with development.

    I would hazard a guess that she would:
    – support raising the density cap to 16 persons per acre or even higher
    – support unlimited development of Reston and Fairfax County
    – support more HOT lanes in NoVa
    – not be overly concerned with Reston traffic congestion

    To clarify, she doesn’t say any of the above explicitly. This is my speculation from reading her site.

    I should note that I am impressed with her accomplishments:
    – 10 years in the US Air Force as a construction Inspector, a Civil Engineering Assistant and an Executive Officer
    – masters degree
    – college professor
    – 4 kids
    – grassroots organizer and community advocate
    Where does she find the time?

  • Mary

    Such a well written article!!

    • Mike M

      The quality standard is back.

    • Reston Now

      Thank you, Mary.

  • No Future

    “Other main issues she’d like to address… KEEPING a low unemployment rate”

    Is she acknowledging the fact of our Presidents success in getting Americans employed, or she just wants to give away free jobs?

    Regardless, sounds like any other dem candidate around here. Leaving reston/ffx cty was my favorite moment of 2018!

    • Mike M

      All Dems think government runs the economy. With her education and experience she wouldn’t know any better.

      • Hypocrite Alert!

        Says the guy who supports the President who thinks he’s solely responsible for any gains in the stock market (and, of course, not at all responsible for any of the losses).

        • Mike M

          Nope. I don’t agree that the stock market is an assessment of the economy. Trump is wrong when he implies that. He can manipulate it with tax cuts as he do. Any losses due to trade adjustments might be his fault but the trade adjustments are the right thing to do whether Wall Street likes it or not. I know a lot about this stuff and putting words I my mouth is for dim wits.

  • John B

    Honestly, Anybody not named Hudgins gets my attention.

    I’ll be there Thur and if she commits to keeping the density cap, she gets my vote.

  • Scott

    Hi. My name is Shyamali Hauth. I’ll be Hudgins 2.0…vote for me.


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