Numerous Local Projects Among County’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan

by Dave Emke March 7, 2017 at 11:30 am 31 Comments

The Fairfax County Planning Department will hear presentations Thursday on the advertised FY 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Program, with a number of Reston projects on the list.

The largest local project in the plan is the reconfiguration and redevelopment of Reston Town Center North, which includes replacing and redeveloping the North County Human Services Center, as well as the Reston Regional Library and Embry Rucker Shelter. An indoor recreation center is also expected to be part of the project.

From the plan:

Reston Town Center North (Infrastructure and Blocks 7 & 8) (Hunter Mill District): Approximately $76,000,000 is proposed to rezone and develop the overall master plan that reconfigures and provides integrated redevelopment of approximately 50 acres currently owned by Fairfax County and Inova at Reston Town Center North (south of Baron Cameron Avenue between Town Center Parkway and Fountain Drive), including the replacement of Reston Regional Library, Embry Rucker Shelter, currently on this site, and development of additional facilities to accommodate Human Services needs. The plan maximizes the development potential consistent with the needs of the community and in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan Amendment approved in February 2013.

North County Human Services Center (Hunter Mill District): $125,000,000 to fund a replacement facility for the existing North County Human Services Center located in Reston. The existing facility is within the redevelopment master plan area known as Reston Town Center North which will be reconfigured for an integrated redevelopment consistent with the needs of the community and in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan Amendment approved in February 2013. The proposed North County Human Services Center will also support a consolidation of existing leased facility spaces in the service area into one Human Services site to provide enhanced and integrated multidisciplinary services to residents in the western part of the County.

The 47-acre area is bounded by Baron Cameron Avenue, Fountain Drive, Town Center Parkway and Bowman Towne Drive.

The projects are expected to be paid for by Economic Development Authority bond financing, according to the report. Approximately $10 million will be required in FY2018 to fund the county’s share of the agreement with Inova that will provide for the real estate exchange, as well as design and construction of the campus site infrastructure.

Funding of $12,000,000 was approved as part of the fall 2016 Human Services/Community Development Bond Referendum for the shelter, and $10,000,000 was approved as part of the 2012 Library Bond Referendum for the library.

Also among the five-year plan are the continuation of current plans including the Silver Line expansion, the redevelopment of the Crescent Apartments site at Lake Anne, upgrades to Reston and Fox Mill fire stations, the addition to South Lakes High School, and improvements to Reston Community Center and the natatorium.

The workshop and public hearing on the Capital Improvement Plan will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Reston Town Center North map (2015) via Fairfax County

  • Donald

    Reston Association has a significant say in the development of Reston Town Center North.


    Only three comments to that piece.

    Where are we on this? Any comments from the board? What about the candidates, have you taken a stance on this? We know you read these posts and comments.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Too busy figuring out how to get new taxes to pay for the Lake White Elephant

      • Donald

        I know you jest, but I am concerned nobody appears to be concerned about encroachment into Reston’s open spaces. Well, until it’s too late. As a homeowner, I would hope this would take some priority.

        • Edward Calvert

          s? The articles I’ve seen on the Reston metro stations indicate that the county wants to develop the entire RTC area into a Tod with ridiculous traffic and lots of high rises. More taxes and such.

          • Edward Calvert

            I see that David Bob zien running for RA, has made open space protection his priority of his campaign. His campaign statement is the post above

          • Donald

            I’m speaking of open spaces that are subject to the RA Deed.

            This has started with Reston National Golf Course, which continues to rear its head and requires RA’s continued attention and action. Then there is Hidden Creek Country Club, which has almost a mirror image map location to Reston National. I believe HCCC will face a challenge, and again, this will require RA’s full attention and potential actions. Then the open space at Reston Town Center North which is also subject to the RA Deed. What’s next?

            These have as much, if not, higher priority in my opinion as they have a huge impact on my property value, and yes, future assessments.

            Many of the candidates don’t even mention open spaces.

          • Edward Calvert

            Well I don’t know all the answers to these questions. I know there was an organization that led the effort fir RNGC. I don’t remember which one, it’s in the Reston now archives. Check out the blog Reston ian , he has a current article about it RNGC.

            David Bob zien claims that his office led the effort to keep RNGC free. Seems like he would know a good legal plan for use to keep the golf courses open and free, plus lawyers used, etc. He sounds like a good candidate for the RA, too. The current lot seem busy focusing on their own CYA.

            Rescue reston is brand new, about the free parking. Maybe it will expand. There’s reston 20/20 as well.

            If you Google reston metro development, there’s plenty of background information on all the development and implementation of the metro. If you haven’t seen it, or are you familiar, take a look at the map and see how close that the RNGC is to a metro station, so it’s only a matter of time for a greedy Corp developer to float a balloon about it and even development of the HXCC, I guess.

          • Donald


            I’ve been to Reston 20/20, http://www.reston2020.blogspot.com
            But they don’t appear to be spending a lot of time on open spaces.

            Reston Association has a site: https://www.reston.org/DevelopmentFutureofReston/DevelopmentFutureOverview/tabid/833/Default.aspx
            But, how many people go there.

            And Fairfax Planning & Zoning offers a little: http://rpz.korchy.com

            And here’s Rescue Reston: http://www.rescuereston.org

            We need to take it all in an create a mission with actions and outcomes. Member representation from all these groups would help.

          • Edward Calvert

            Good information here. Looks like rescue reston was involved with the court decision on the RNGC. Connie Hart ke is the president over there.

          • Terry Maynard

            You’re right, Donald, we haven’t spent much time lately on open spaces. We fought very hard for open space during the Reston Master Plan effort and ended up with nothing–almost literally.

            The plan only calls for 2 small parks in RTC–TCN and south side–as part of redevelopment there. Also, only three ballfields planned when County urban park guidance calls for 10X that number based on prospective Reston TSA residents and employment. The draft plan called for 20% open space until the last task force meeting when developers changed that to 15% “desirable” as open space.

            In contrast, Tysons is getting two very large areas for parks and ballfields (20?) on the south and northeast sides as well as mini-parks in between. But then, why should we expect equal treatment?

          • Donald

            Thanks Terry for reaching out.

            As you can probably tell, this is a topic I’m very interested in. Yet the board, and the candidates for that matter, don’t even have it on their radars. In fact, I’ve brought this up with the candidates, and I must say, their answers, actually their inability to offer an answer frightened me. Many were just clueless.

            In my opinion, this is an area that needs the most attention from all of us. Otherwise, we will wake up one day and say ” what the f happened – why didn’t we do something?”

            Regarding HCCC, do you have any thoughts? Mr. Higgins seems to think we’re fine, nothing can happen there. I find that hard to believe. I’m not that trusting given RNGC, etc. Look how close it is to the TOD, the TSA and heaven forbid, an Economic Development area ripe for rush initiative.

            I welcome your thoughts.


          • Tammi Petrine

            Donald, (and others) get in touch of 2020 via our blog contact info so we can discuss how you can help to get whatever info is available. We are all interested in open space. Few citizens realize COUNTY is decider; not local RA or anyone else. RA are not a town council but rather an HOA and has limitations therein.

            The best they can do is alert RA members and vigorously band with members to fight when development threatens open space or as in the case of TCN, enforce legal rights to easements granted to RA. To affect the almightly FFX County, we need a huge outpouring of concern. So thrilled you are bringing this subject forward. Let’s work together.

          • Donald

            Thank you Tammi and to Terry too. As the infamous character, Nigel Tufnel said — we need to take it to 11.

          • Terry Maynard

            My answer here is pretty simple: RA’s land use attorney John McBride was worried enough about a street on a map that intruded into Hidden Creek Country Club golf course to brief the RA Board about the risk of losing 3 holes of golf there–and no doubt more.
            If he’s worried, I’m worried, but I haven’t seen RA do much about this in terms of the RNAG effort that’s laying all this out. McBride (not the Board Prez or CEO) testified meekly at the road tax hearing that the Board needs to consider the taxes impact on Reston residents, but that was it. And, yes, it’s running out of time. I have no idea if RA intends to raise objections at any further RNAG hearings regarding the golf course route that would become official in County planning if RA doesn’t stop it.
            It’s not enough to say “Reston is a two golf course community.”

          • Donald

            Frightening, just frightening!

      • Donald

        I see.

    • Terry Maynard

      About a year ago (?), RA pressed Supr. Hudgins to (a) make sure that the County knew that TCN was deeded to RA and (b) seek significant open space assurances with all the development being planned there. In the end, RA generally gave up on the open space matter settling for a 7-acre “dog poop park” as one colleague called it running up the middle of the 40-acre site (basically across from where the library is now). The explanation: RA had other battles to do with the County and didn’t want to push them too hard. Even settled for sidewalks and rooftops as open space–enjoy your picnic–to characterize the area as 25% open space. And, yes, they use that argument every time they really are not set on pursuing the community’s interests because, of course, there are and always will be other issues with the County.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    RA needs to make sure that paid parking will NOT happen around the library or the shelter.

    • Donald

      That’s a good point, but what about the open spaces, or lack thereof? It’s not being addressed very well, despite RA’s insistence.

      • Arielle in NoVA

        There shouldn’t be paid parking to use the open spaces either 🙂

        • Donald

          I think you missed the point Arielle. There is existing open space being threatened, and there is little attention being paid to including even more open space which is required.

          • Arielle in NoVA

            I didn’t miss the point – but that’s a separate issue, and should be listed as its own comment. If you note something about open space under my remark about parking needing to be free, well…

          • Donald

            Fair enough, apologies for getting into your space.

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    Just released by RA – a primer about Reston’s big open space golf courses:

    • Donald

      Thank you Ms. Hartke. This is a very good start, and timely.

      I believe this must be the HIGHEST priority for Reston Association, the Community and it’s advocates.

      It’s obvious this type of encroachment will not cease. First Reston National, and now Hidden Creek.

      I hope you and your organization will bring this to light, and help make aware the threats to Reston’s open space and home values. The fight must not stop and needs to strengthen.


    • Donald

      Ms. Hartke,

      To add to my comment below, why isn’t the community focusing on this? I’m flabbergasted that parking at RTC is creating more of an outrage than losing our precious open areas.

      Those living around Hidden Creek Country Club should be very aware and very conscious of the potential threat they face. The affected parties at Reston National have already spent a lot of money and a lot of time in court to protect their properties, and yet, the threat continues.

      Yet, I hear nothing about this from the RA candidates, nor from the board members. Is the community just complacent?


      • Constance (Connie) Hartke

        Our community is not complacent.

        On January 16, Rescue Reston posted on Facebook: “This is just an FYI regarding the north golf course. No development plans have been filed — this is just a conceptual rendering and not likely to turn in to anything. HOWEVER, any landowner can file for a comprehensive plan change, so it pays to have land use attorneys keeping a watchful eye. Both attorneys for Rescue Reston and the Reston Association are monitoring for any proposals to redevelop Reston’s courses. The photo and linked article from the Reston Connection was recapping the presentation that Reston Association Land Use Attorney John McBride presented on December 15.” Link at http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/news/2017/jan/15/reston-collision-course/.

        The RA candidate forums start tonight and more on Thursday (3/9). I can’t imagine this topic won’t come up, but you can submit a question to [email protected] and then go in person or watch online.

        Anytime you see Land Use on RA’s agenda, watch it – all board meetings are live streamed and you can watch them later, fast forwarding to this topic. It is very helpful to have these updates from RA’s land use attorney and can be viewed by all Restonians, not just RA members. You can find the links you need on the right side of this page: https://www.reston.org/AboutRestonAssociation/Governance/BoardofDirectors/BoardofDirectorsOverview/tabid/395/Default.aspx

        Also, subscribe to the Rescue Reston newsletter as well as follow on Facebook and Twitter. The monitoring/interaction by attorneys costs money – donations gratefully accepted as hard working volunteers cannot do this without legal advice. http://www.rescuereston.org/donate/

        • Donald

          Ms. Hartke,

          I did submit questions for this evening. I’ll be surprised if they get asked. Your efforts are to be commended, and that of Reston Association.

          I just don’t believe the community is paying attention.


        • Donald

          Well, I watched the candidate forum. My submitted questions did not get asked, and while there was one minor item asked at the end with regard to Reston National, the candidate responses were incoherent. Sad.

          Open space encroachment just doesn’t appear to be the “sexy” topic to be discussed right now. I hope the mood changes, before it’s too late.

    • cRAzy

      It’s going to take more than an RA Board resolution to prevent the redevelopment of HCCC. What’s next?

  • Donald

    I watched the North Point candidates forum last night. I was very disappointed.

    My takeaway – while one individual faired better last evening in terms of demeanor, neither is ready to step up to the role and it’s responsibility. I hope the remaining forums provide more promise.


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