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Ceremonial Groundbreaking Takes Place for Hunters Woods Senior Living Community

by Dave Emke March 30, 2017 at 1:30 pm 11 Comments

Dirt was overturned Thursday morning at 2222 Colts Neck Road, which will soon become the home of the Hunters Woods at Trails Edge Senior Living Community.

The former site of the United Christian Parish church will be transformed between now and January 2019, project leadership says. When complete, the IntegraCare facility will have 210 senior-living units — including 90 independent living units, 81 for assisted living, 24 for memory care and 15 for special needs.

“This facility is going to offer a very broad continuum of services for the seniors in our community,” said David A. Ross, partner and president of developer Atlantic Realty Companies. “We are proud to bring this leading-edge amenity to the community, the first of its kind in Reston.”

The property is located roughly across Colts Neck Road from the entrance to Hunters Woods Village Center. As part of its partnership with the community, the developer has agreed to contribute $81,300 to improve pedestrian trails and pathway lighting within a half-mile of the facility; as well as $60,000 to target improvement of the facade of the Colts Neck pedestrian underpass, in coordination with Public Art Reston and Reston Association.

In addition, $20,000 is being provided for capital improvements to the Nature House.

Fairfax County Supervisor Cathy Hudgins said these contributions show an understanding of community needs.

“We, 50-plus years old here in Reston, know that for those of us who want to stay here, you have to provide a place for us,” she said. “This is a really great facility in that it meets those needs and it really serves the community.”

Ellen Graves, president of the Reston Association Board of Directors, said the addition of the senior-living community to Reston is a promotion of founder Bob Simon’s vision of providing for people throughout their entire lives.

“[The project supports this] by providing the fullest range of housing, styles and prices,” she said. “Hunters Woods at Trails Edge will provide a choice for those growing older in our community and who want to remain here.”

Among the independent-living units, 20 percent will be designated as affordable housing units, while 4 percent of the assisted-living beds will be for those eligible for the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services Auxiliary Grant Program. There is planned to be 48 full-time staff positions on site, with other medical service professionals providing on-site services as well.

Thursday’s ceremony represented the latest milestone in a 10-year journey to make the facility a reality. The 4.3-acre site was first approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for 210 independent-living units in 2007, but the plan was later amended to the current design. The new plan was approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in May 2016.

Pennsylvania-based IntegraCare has several other communities in the Mid-Atlantic region, but this will be its first in Virginia.

“This is really a once-in-a-career opportunity, to be involved in a project that has the nature of this project,” said Rick Irwin, the company’s CEO. “[We are grateful to have] the opportunity to be right near the Reston Community Center and the Southgate Community Center, where our residents can get our support and care but [also] maximize their independence… and have such great access to stay within the fabric of this Reston community.”

  • southreston

    I’m curious about Reston Board Chair being there. Is this a normal thing?

    • Constance (Connie) Hartke

      Yes, quite normal.

  • Mike M

    The predators will welcome this new source of prey! It’s like establishing a chicken farm in fox country.

  • Greg

    Sweet baby Jesus — We are getting some pathway lighting? Surely my light-deprived eyes deceive me…

  • Greg

    But still no cemetery in Reston. Maybe that’s what the $20,000 is for at the nature house?

    • Conservative Senior

      RA could sell small plots along the paths to pay down the lake house.

  • Bernie Supporter

    The dirt may have been overturned but it may not have been overlooked.

    Over $160,000 in cash money from the developer, says Hudgins, that shows “an understanding of community needs.” Half of these seniors living in this place will have special needs, but I doubt that improved pedestrian trails and pathway lighting will be two of them. Nor do I think that they’ll be off to Nature House every weekend. And I read that the wannabe developer of SJW, Bozzutto, has built in a $400,000 donation to Reston Parks and Rec to accommodate the new people they’ll be bringing in … despite the fact that during their recent P&Z presentation, it sounds like they have their proposed recreation needs covered just fine, thank you.

    Call these “donations” to our community whatever you want. I know what I call them.

    • Donald


      They are called proffers, and I’m happy Reston got them. It’s about time.

      RA should negotiate proffers for every development and redevelopment on its deeded land. If you’re running for the board you should know this.

      It’s better RA get the dollars versus the county in my opinion.


      • Bernie Supporter

        Thanks, Donald, but I doubt I’ll ever run for the board. So I think I’ll continue to think of these payments as bribes. Or better yet, extortion.

        • Todd

          That’s because Bernie supporters just make stuff up and believe they are facts.

  • Jimmy Olsen

    So many details about HWTE but not a peep about how much it will cost to live there. “Affordable” for the affluent?


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