Tonight: Reston’s Blueprint for the Future

by Karen Goff April 20, 2016 at 10:00 am 7 Comments

Reston constructionRestonians are invited to look into the future of Reston development at an open house Wednesday at South Lakes High School from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins has scheduled the community meeting, titled “Reston…Blueprint for the Future,” to give residents an opportunity to gather information on proposed, planned and anticipated development activity within the Transit Station Areas.

It is not known whether Hudgins or other county officials will be introducing any new projects.

The open house is at South Lakes High School, 11400 South Lakes Drive, in the cafeteria, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, here is a list of development already in the works:

RTC West – under construction on Sunset Hills Road.

1831 Wiehle Avenue – application recently received by county to convert office building into residences.

1760 Reston Parkway – 23-story office building already approved but will go back to supervisors for tweaks.

Signature Residences — Apartments under construction on last remaining Reston Town Center parcel.

Reston Heights Phase II (VY) – under construction on Sunrise Valley Drive.

Aperture Apartments — currently under construction at Sunset Hills Road and Metro Center Drive close to Wiehle-Reston East.

One Reston Co. LLC and Two Reston Co. LLC – rezoning application to turn two six-story office buildings off Sunset Hills (totaling approximately 388,000 square feet with surface parking lot) into 3.88 million square feet of development.

Linden Development Partners — is seeking rezoning of Triangle Park near Plaza America to turn into residential/office mixed use development.

2222 Colts Neck – proposed senior living facility. Board of Supervisors hearing scheduled for April 26.

Chick-fil-A at North Point – slated for Board of Supervisors hearing April 26.

Pulte Homes at 1825 Michael Faraday Drive – will have planning commission hearing June 16 for “Lofts at Reston Station” development.

St. John’s Woods — Bozzuto Development Company proposes redevelopment of St. John’s Wood apartments to convert 250 multi-family garden apartments in nine-three story buildings to 625 new
apartments and 34 townhomes. Planning commission meeting June 23.

Sekas Homes – Plans to convert designation of former American Press Institute building (industrial) on Sunrise Valley Drive to townhomes. Planning Commission hearing scheduled for June 23.

Tall Oaks Village Center – Jefferson Apartment Group plans to change 70,000-square-foot village center into condos and townhomes with 7,000 square feet of retail. Planning commission hearing scheduled for June 23.

RP 11720, LLC – plans 49 Urban-Style single family attached
dwelling units at 11720 Sunrise Valley Dr. across from Reston National Golf Course. Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for June 23.

General Dynamics – plans for a new headquarters at 11011 Sunset Hills Rd. Planning Commission hearing scheduled for July 14.

1831 Michael Faraday LLC — seeks to rezone property located
at 1831 Michael Faraday Drive from Industrial 4 to Planned Residential Mixed-Use to construct 230 multi-family units, 13 townhouses and 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail. Planning Commission public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26.

  • Nyla J.

    Reston is going to be very crowded. Hope you like traffic.

    • RestonLyons

      They need to lower the speed limits. It is mind boggling how many people drive through with a red light.

      • TBex

        And put cameras everywhere to strictly enforce those speed limits.

        • RestonLyons

          Agreed. Just crossing Temporary Road at North Shore as a pedestrian is a great risk with cars coming toward you in 3 directions. You can’t even see them as the cars drive over the crosswalk blocking the view of the pedestrian and those turning fromNorth Shore. Once I was 1/2 way across and was almost hit by a women in a huge SUV turning right onto Temporary Road. At the same time she wasn’t even looking except at her cell phone with her head bowed. Another time a woman turned the corner and then stopped just before the crosswalk. Then just as I was to put my foot in front of her car she pressed down on the gas and spedì away losing control of her car and almost hitting a car in the other lane on Temporary RD

          • TBex

            Bulbing out or at least right-angling those curbs would go a long way too. That intersection is extra dangerous because the gradual curve of the intersection’s edge make it seem like an obvious and good idea to turn without slowing down at all.

      • [Drum roll]

        Fact is most speeders like moving the needle to the right. So really what we need is a speed limit of zero and parking meters.

  • Reston Watcher

    “Development” is word with positive connotations that builders use to make what they do sound like it’s a good thing. They want to conversation to start with the assumption that what they’re doing is an improvement over the existing condition, not just a change that could be either good or bad. What they do could also be called “destruction” (of open space or existing buildings) or “crowding” (of more people into less space). Instead of using the builders’ loaded term of “development,” why not call it what is it? That’s “building.”

    So the end of the second paragraph would say “proposed, planned and anticipated building activity…”


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