Reston, VA

Writing over Reston on May 16/Credit: Modern Reston

It was a busy year of construction and development news, restaurant openings and closings, and police-related stories in Reston. Also, did we mention Reston Town Center parking?

Today we’re wrapping up our countdown the 40 most-read articles of 2016 on Reston Now. Below are stories #1-10.

10. Redskins’ Virginia Stadium May Be Near, But Not In, Reston (9,661 views)

9. Reston Town Center’s Pay Parking System Will Also Charge Employees (10,236 views)

8. Paid Parking at Reston Town Center on Hold Until January (10,323 views)

7. Police: Attempted Abduction at Knifepoint at Reston Town Center (10,533 views)

6. Say What? The Mysterious Skywriting Over Reston Monday (11,390 views)

5. Parking at Reston Town Center Will Soon Cost Money — Sometimes (11,403 views)

4. Bank Robbery at Reston Town Center Wednesday (13,801 views)

3. Police Bust Alleged Prostitution Club on Northgate Square (15,441 views)

2. SLHS Teacher, Student Arrested After Alleged Gas Station Theft (18,715 views)

1. Obituary: Adam Levine, Herndon High Graduate (35,907 views)

The 2016 most-read story has become the most-read article of all time on Reston Now. It surpasses the previous most-read story, “SLHS Shocked by Senior’s Sudden Death,” which ran in 2014 and had 24,966 views.


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